There is an easier way to get a quality job done quickly


Insurepaint sets the new standard for turnaround times for insurance repairs.

Why wait weeks to get ‘patch and paint’ repairs completed when Insurepaint can complete the work in less than half the time?

Insurepaint staff are trained to paint and plaster so damaged walls and ceilings can be repaired quickly with one trade. In fact with our fast drying materials and driers we often complete repairs in one day to give industry leading turnaround times.

Insurepaint works with some of Australia’s largest insurance builders and can undertake small and large projects.

Insurepaint – trust the specialists

Time for a change


  • Patch and paint repairs have been completed in traditional way for too long.Its time for a change.
  • Insurepaint tackles patch and paint repairs from a customer perspective not a building perspective
  • Minimise disruption for the insured
  • Save time and money on ‘patch and paint’ jobs
  • Fast drying material and driers can give as short a turnaround as one day
  • Trained staff can paint and plaster (one trade versus two)